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Нови Леви Перспективи
"По-лесно е да си представяш края на света, отколкото края на капитализма." Фредрик Джеймисън

09.10.2015, 19.00 at the fridge & xaspel
Sofia, 8 Madrid blvd.

In Europe today, political xenophobia is not limited to countries run by openly xenophobic parties; it is EU policy. This xenophobia, directed against non-Europeans, feeds racism against Europeans – in particular Blacks, Muslims, Roma people… This is why anti-racism must fight, not only explicit racism, not just systemic racial discriminations, but also State xenophobia and policies that racialize European nations.

But the rise of racism and xenophobia in the EU has to be understood in a broader context: “Fortress Europe” is also neoliberal Europe. We have to understand how one logic is connected to the other, without assuming an economic determination that leaves out the role of politics. Comparing and contrasting different countries is needed. In particular, how are we to understand the two sides of today’s Germany – ruthless against the Greek people, compassionate towards refugees?

After teaching in the United States from 1987 to 1994 (at Brandeis University and New York University), and at the École normale supérieure in Paris from 1994 to 2012, Éric Fassin is now a professor of sociology in the Political Science Department and co-chair of the Gender Studies Department at Paris 8 University. His work focuses on contemporary sexual and racial politics, including immigration issues, in France, in Europe, and in the United States – often in a comparative perspective. He is frequently involved in the French public debates on issues his work addresses – from same-sex marriage and gender parity to the politics and policies of immigration and race, but also on the evolution of the left.


L’inversion de la question homosexuelle, Amsterdam (2005, revised and expanded 2008). Démocratie précaire. Chroniques de la déraison d’État, La Découverte (2012). Gauche: l’avenir d’une désillusion, Textuel (2014). Roms & riverains. Une politique municipale de la race (with Carine Fouteau, Serge Guichard, and Aurélie Windels), La Fabrique (2014).

Edited and collective volumes:

De la question sociale à la question raciale? Représenter la société française, La Découverte (2006, co-ed. with Didier Fassin, 2nd ed. 2009). Discriminations.  Pratiques, savoirs, politiques, La documentation française (2009, co-ed. with Jean-Louis Halpérin). Genres & sexualités, Elsa Dorlin and Éric Fassin eds., BPI / Beaubourg (2009). Reproduire le genre, Elsa Dorlin and Éric Fassin eds., BPI / Beaubourg (2010). Cette France-là, 2 volumes: Sans-Papiers et Préfets. Portraits et Xénophobie d’en haut. Le choix de la droite éhontée, collectif, La Découverte, 2012.


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