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Нови Леви Перспективи
"По-лесно е да си представяш края на света, отколкото края на капитализма." Фредрик Джеймисън
With reference to the journal Woman Today - established in 1936, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia as ‘a legal newspaper of the illegal Communist Party’ and later on as a journal of the Antifascist Front of Women - I would like to emphasis a necessity to reinvigorate the woman’s question stated by non-work and non-family politics (Kathi Weeks). Starting from the present socio-economical and existential conditions of woman today primary shaped by a patriarchal and capitalist vortex of unpaid, precarious, flexible woman’s work on the one hand, and heteronormative, nucleus and inflexible family based on ‘labor of love’, on the other, I would like to open discussion about possible (non)work and (non)family social ‘utopia’ from the woman’s perspective (woman is understood primary as a social subject). Few art-works and literary examples from the (post)Yugoslav space that deals with those issues will be presented as a common ground for the reflection and comparison between different times and spaces.

Jelena Petrović completed her PhD studies at the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH) at the Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities with a PhD dissertation on women’s authorship in Yugoslavia between the two world wars (2009). (Co)author of several scholarly articles, art-theory events, contemporary art exhibitions and cross-disciplinary projects relating to the (post)Yugoslav subjects, as well en (co)editor of several publications dealing with feminism from the (post)Yugoslav space. She is a member of the feminist curatorial group Red Min(e)d and currently a lecturer at the Academia of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana.
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