The Feminist Workshop catalogue published by Anarres Books is the result of the Feminist workshop that took place in December 2013 at the fridge & Social center Haspel. For more information click here.

The catalogue seeks to draw attention to the necessity of organized action in Bulgarian society, targeted towards visibility of women’s problems (both of the heterosexual and the LGBT community) and to redefine women’s problems and the reasons for their existence – both on local level and within the context of the contemporary capitalist world and its political and socio-economic parameters.

The catalogue includes texts by Boryana Rossa and Liza Babenko on feminist art, the image of contemporary women and the necessity of feminist actions in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. The texts review the most important problems faced by women in these countries such as sexual and domestic violence and poverty, reproductive labor and sexual exploitation. Besides the two texts, the catalogue includes images from the workshop, reproductions of the works shown by Mikaela and Мarina Vinnik, as well as illustrations of artworks supporting the texts.

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