14-15 December, the fridge & Haspel, 8 Madrid Blvd.

This two-day forum with participants from the Balkan region and Bulgaria aims to speak about several main issues of the contemporary left-wing movements in the Balkans in the context of the continuing systemic crisis of neoliberalism and the economic crisis after 2008. The aim is to present both the alternative politics in the Balkans in the left political range and its problematization of the system of political representation, and to present specific practices, models and examples of resistance, often associated to this day with anti-capitalism. At the same time we will pay attention on how the left is being changed, what are the rifts between old and new forms of left in the Balkans and in which direction goes their political axis.

Is anticapitalism only left? Do today’s leftist movements want to or should be related with the abticapitalist strategy? To what extent the left in the Balkans is identified today with alterglobalism, and concepts such as ParEcon and life after capitalism?


Lecturer: Zdravko Saveski (FON University, Leftist Movement Sodiarnost – Skopje, Macedonia)

Panelists: Artan Sadiku (Leftist Movement Sodiarnost – Skopje, Macedonia, Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje), Leart Kola (Antonio Gramsci Institute, Tirana,
Albania), Agon Hamza (Dialectical Materialism Collective, Prishtina, Kosovo), Vanya Grigorova (Solidary Bulgaria, Tema journal), Petar Piperkov ( Social Center Haspel, website Life After Capitalism)

14 December, Friday, 18–21h

18-19 – The Current Situation with the Left on Macedonia

Lecture by and discussion with Zdravko Saveski

The aim of the lecture is to acquaint Bulgarian leftists with the situation of the Left in Macedonia, its current situation, the problems that it faces and perspectives in front of it.
Not only because it is important to know what is the situation in the neighboring countries, but, more important, to see the prospects of future cooperation and to learn from the other’s experiences, from their successes, but failures too.

The lecture will contain:

- historical background of the situation with the left-wing parties and organizations after the collapse of state socialism
- short brief about the active left-wing organizations in Macedonia
- short introduction on the citizens initiatives from the last two years where left-wing activists played a key role.
- short brief about the current situation with workers and trade unions
- main problems of left-wing organizations in Macedonia.

19-19.15 - Break

19.15-20 – Short interventions to Zdravko Saveski’s lecture by the panelists

19.45-21 – Discussion with the audience

15 December, Saturday, 16-20h

16-17.30 – Panel 1: Is anticapitalism an alternative for the Left today?

Short presentations by Artan Sadiku, Leart Kola, Agon Hamza, Vanya Grigorova, Petar Piperkov
17.30-18 – Break

18-20 – Panel 2: The Left Mobilizations in the Balkans: Examples and Practices (discussion with the audience)


Zdravko Saveski (1976), PhD, is a professor of political science at FON University, Skopje. He is author of "Beyond Mind Uniformity: Rediscovery of the Left" (2006) and "Democracy: Models and Dilemmas" (2011), coauthor of "Devaluation of Labour: Analysis of Labour Law Legislative during the Period of Transition" (2010) and editor of "Strike: Experiences and Situation" (2011). He is a member of Leftist Movement Solidarity.

Artan Sadiku has lived and studied in Germany and the Netherlands, and now lives and works in Skopje.
He is an activist and a PhD student in philosophy, and his main research interests are critical theory, philosophy, theories of culture, feminism, radical and alternative cultural and political practices and arts. Artan works for the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje as researcher and teaching assistant in the Gender Studies and Cultural Studies departments. He is an active member of Left Movement Solidarity and the cultural club Syndicate. He has studied international law in the universities of Munich, Baltimore, Oslo and Amsterdam, and right now works on a theis on the possibility of a new field in politics distanced from the state and formal politics. He also writes as a columnist for Utrinski Vestnik, Nova Makedonija, and Koha. Among his main publications in international journals are: "Provocation to a final resistance of truth: ethics of a heretical discourse", "Negotiating a new Balkan democracy", "Three contexts of balkanization"

 Kola studied at the Faculty of Political Science, in Tirana. He has been one of the first and most active members of Mjaft! Movement in Albania. Working as a civil society activist, and running the Department of Direct Action within Mjaft Movement, Leart is know one of the most distinguished activists in Albania.

Leart has participated in several youth leadership trainings in Albania and abroad. He was one of the Team Albanian's members dispatched in Indonesia, the country that suffered more from tsunami and earthquake in South Azia in order to support and offer his enterprise on logistics for the Team. For years, he writes in the daily press in Albania and in famous blogs such as www.saktivista.com. Leart is also the founder of the weekly newspaper GAZETA and of the Institute Antonio Gramsci.

Agon Hamza is finishing his Phd on Althusser and Hegel, at University of Ljubljana. He is the author of "Louis Althusser", editor of "Për Althusseri" and co-editor (with Besnik Pula) of Slavoj Zizek's "Ese të zgjedhura" Currently he is working on a book on Kosovo, co-authored with Slavoj Zizek.

Vania Grigorova is part of the "Solidary Bulgaria" movement. She participated in the campaign against shale gas extraction and other environmental protests in the last few years. She is part of the informal, but active Left in Bulgaria.

Petar Piperkov is an economist, a Phd candidate in political economy. He holds a bachelor's degree in International economic relations and a master's degree in Public finance from UNWE, Sofia. He is interested in crises of capitalism and alternative economic and social models. He is co-founder of the project Life after capitalism and editor of the book "Asking we walk". Peter is also part of Social center Haspel. In 2008-2009, he participated in the ZNet courses on ParEcon and Participatory Society, together with Michael Albert and Chris Spanos.

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