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Нови Леви Перспективи
"По-лесно е да си представяш края на света, отколкото края на капитализма." Фредрик Джеймисън
18.03.2013, 19.00 at the fridge & xaspel
Sofia, 8 Madrid. blvd New Left Perspectives: Lecture by Michael Burawoy
What is the fate of Marxism after Communism? 
Death? Resurrection? Appropriation? As a scientific research program that evolves in response to historical challenges and internal contradictions, Marxism is a living tradition. Its roots can be found in the canonical works of Marx and Engels. Its trunk is formed from the continually-revised theory of capitalism’s dynamics. Its different branches reflect the particular exigencies under which they grow or shrink, progress or regress. Recognizing this tradition – with its foundations, its trunk and its branches – leads us to situate contemporary Marxism as a response to the global expansion of the market, and as such we can talk of a “sociological Marxism,” based in a distinctive notion of socialism.
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